Credential Manager for HP ProtectTools

Credential Manager for HP ProtectTools

Credential Manager securely manages your multiple log-ins
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Credential Manager gives the user a secure environment offering the possibility of consolidating all the network accounts and passwords under one a single data unit called User Identity. With Credential Manager, all private data is available only to its owner.

The most important features of Credential Manager are:
1. Multifactor Authentication that encripts and protects user identity.
2. Single Sign On (SSO) that stores account information for any number of applications providing them automatically whenever needed.

Credential Manager will act as your personal password safe box as it will automatically remember your credentials for protected websites, applications, and network resources. It is quite easy, you only need to sign in to your websites once, and Credential Manager will remember your account information thereafter, only if you choose it to do so. It is also secure and you can use complicated passwords including capital and lower case letters, symbols and numbers – Credential Manager will remember them all for you.

Most important benefits of Credential Manager:
- It is a single sign-on vault providing easy access to secure websites and applications.
- It provides you with a secure place for storing your website credentials. You will no longer need to write notes and lists that finally get lost and are not secure.
- As you will not need to remember them, you may create more complicated and secure passwords that include capital and lower case letters, symbols and numbers.

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